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Join us on Sunday mornings from 10:30AM-12:00PM as we gather together to worship, to take a look at what the scriptures have to teach us, and to encourage and support each other.   We are a pretty laid back group, and pretty easy to get a long with.   If you want to get an idea of what a Sunday morning looks like at Vox, check out our “What to Expect” page.    We’ll see you on Sunday.

Potluck Brunch this Sunday

According to the scriptures the Church exists to accomplish four main purposes: Mission, Worship, Discipleship and Community.   This fall, we have spent a couple of Sundays focused on just one of these purposes, rather than trying to do all four.   This week, we are going to be focusing on developing community and connection in the Vox family.

We have an interesting service planned, and part of that service is going to be a potluck brunch, so please bring along some food to share.   Because our brunch is going to be part of the service, we are not going to be using tables, so please make sure the food you bring can be eaten without having to use a knife.  Finger food is preferred.

There is a children’s program this week because the Vox Kids are going to be putting their blessing bags together for the Scott Mission.

If you have any questions, please let Nathan know.

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